Alice Adams

“I was born in New York and received my undergraduate degree from the State University of NY – Cortland. I followed up with a graduate degree at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

I worked with the Fort Worth Police Department for 24 years and was on call literally 24/7 unless on an authorized vacation day. There were many nights the phone rang, and it was back to work. We never closed!

There were times when I worked over 24 hours straight prior to being able to go home. It was a pretty hectic lifestyle to say the least. Over time this work schedule and setting took its toll and I retired in 1999.

After retirement I returned to the workforce as a Special Investigator for the State of Texas. After 5 years with the State it was time to retire again. The hours were brutal however the work itself was very rewarding.

I could not imagine sitting back and doing nothing and began to search for a business that could be worked using the internet. This is how I met my future business partner Janice Allen as she related above.

This type of business was new to both Janice and me, but we decided to go for it. We are now able to work from anywhere if there is an internet connection. It just doesn’t get any better than being able to work from anywhere and any hours we select. Alice Adams

Janice Allen:

“I was born in Texas. When my father died I was only 4 years old. My mother remarried, and my family and I moved to Missouri where I was raised.

I married my husband Dick and we raised our children in the same small town we both grew up in. I was a Stay at Home Mom while my children were young and did not work outside of the home until they were school age. As many of you can relate, this is a fulltime job by itself.

Later, I worked outside of the home at various jobs. Many of these jobs required long hours and minimum wages. One of my most interesting positions was as a costume designer and seamstress for a theater department in a local college.

Often when a production was in progress, I filled the position of Wardrobe Mistress working with celebrity guests who often did appearances. This was a very time consuming and demanding position, but you know, the saying the show must go on.

I also worked in the print industry which obviously had deadlines that must be met. I worked however long it took to meet that deadline. My position ultimately became computerized. I had been replaced by R2D2. It wasn’t funny at the time, but I look back and realize it was just a Sign of the times.

I was not college educated and had been looking for a way to add an extra source of income for years to our household budget. I tried network marketing partly out of desperation. Over the years, I had gained a lot of weight. Multiple births and a sedentary lifestyle took its toll. I found a weight loss product that offered a solution.

This was my first attempt at network marketing. There was a bright side to this and a not so good side. The product was very effective, but my efforts at building a successful team failed. Through the next few years I made a few more attempts, with other products and other systems with the same results. The common denominator? No support, training or coaching.

I met my business partner at a local fair when we were set up right beside each other selling different products. We had met a few years earlier, but she did not recognize me as I had lost a total of 120 lbs. After a lengthy conversation, we decided we could be much more effective working as a team.”- Janice Allen